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Lipscomb is one of Kent’s most respected names when it comes to automotive retailing, which includes the highest standard of aftersales support. Through a skilled team of experts and the most sophisticated equipment, we undertake a wide variety of tasks for motorists of all brands, and proudly offer our customers competitive prices each time they visit.

Why Is Regular Servicing Important?

Regular servicing of your vehicle is as beneficial to you as it is to the car itself. With the support of our technicians, your car can consistently perform at its best so you’ll enjoy maximum satisfaction at the wheel. As components become worn, your vehicle may consume fuel quicker, meaning more visits to the pumps and a higher fuel cost. Safety could also be affected if brake pads or tyres are below standard, which places all road-users at risk. What’s more, with a clear history of frequent maintenance your vehicle can retain a greater value when it comes to selling it. It therefore pays to enlist the help of a quality aftersales service provider.

What Lipscomb's Servicing Includes?

Lipscomb’s comprehensive servicing looks for both minor and major issues, and virtually every fault can be resolved by our technicians. This includes everyday wear and tear of the brake pads, handbrake, and wiper blades alongside more significant issues including unclean fuel lines, underbody corrosion and worn shock absorbers. A service is far more extensive than your annual MOT, and when performed regularly will significantly prolong your car’s lifespan.

To benefit from the assistance of Lipscomb’s expert aftersales technicians, click on the "Book A Service" button above. You can choose a preferred date and time for the work to be completed, and we will do our best to fit you in when most convenient.