Trade Cars 2 U Warranties from Lipscomb Cars

When purchasing a vehicle customers will be advised clearly of any warranty cover. This may include the balance of a manufacturer warranty or if not available the provision of a third party/dealer warranty in accordance with normal terms.

As a minimum Lipscomb will provide a 3 month mechanical warranty administered by Auto Protect our insurance partner. Where available, customers will be given the opportunity to extend an existing warranty or purchase an additional warranty.

Customers will, as a minimum, be provided with the following information:

  • Type of warranty
  • Length of warranty
  • Scope of warranty cover
  • Warranty exclusions
  • Claims limit
  • Terms & conditions of warranty and any restrictions that may apply (e.g. vehicles used for hire or reward)
  • Geographical scope
  • Claims procedures
  • Complaints procedure

We will provide customers with all relevant warranty documentation at the point of delivery.

Any work required under warranty will be undertaken promptly, in a professional manner and in accordance with the terms of the policy. Any cause for delay will be explained to a customer at the earliest opportunity.

For full details on the terms and conditions of cover and claim limits of the warranty available, please contact a member of staff at our Lipscomb Ashford dealership who will be happy to give you further information or complete the enquiry form above.