Fiat Tipo Motability Offer

Set your life in motion with the new Tipo, for a dynamic driving experience and a car full of character. A captivating combination of style, features and interior space, all with a compact footprint.

You can never have too much space, especially with a full day of activities ahead of you. That's why the new Tipo Hatchback gives you a leading 440-litre worth of boot space and the Tipo Stationwagon 550-litres.

The new Fiat Tipo can now be yours through Motability, from NIL advance payment.

Tipo Hatchback Offers

ModelAdvance Payment
Tipo Easy 1.4 95hp NIL
Tipo Easy Plus 1.4 95 hpNIL
Tipo Lounge 1.4 95 hp
Tipo Easy Plus 1.4 120 hp£795
​Tipo Easy 1.3 95 hp£0
​Tipo Easy Plus 1.6 110 hp Auto£145
​Tipo Easy Plus 1.3 95 hp£1,295
​Tipo Lounge 1.4 120 hp£1,045
​Tipo Lounge 1.3 95 hp£1,695
​Tipo Lounge 1.6 110 hp Auto£795
​Tipo Easy Plus 1.6 120 hp£0
​Tipo Lounge 1.6 120 hp£195
​Tipo Easy Plus 1.6 120 hp DCT (Auto)£2,545
​Tipo Lounge 1.6 120hp DCT (auto)£2,745
​Tipo Elite 1.6 120hp£1,795​
​Tipo Elite 1.6 120hp Auto£2,745​

Tipo Stationwagon Offers

Model Advance Payment
Tipo Stationwagon Easy 1.4 95 hp 5dr £0
Tipo Stationwagon Easy Plus 1.4 95 hp 5dr £0
Tipo Stationwagon Lounge 1.4 95 hp 5dr £195
Tipo Stationwagon Easy Plus 1.4 120hp £795
​Tipo Stationwagon Lounge 1.4 120 hp£1,145
​Tipo Stationwagon Easy 1.3 MultiJet 95 hp£1,495
​Tipo Stationwagon Easy Plus 1.3 MultiJet 95 hp£1,695​
​Tipo Stationwagon Easy Plus 1.6 110 hp Auto£145
​Tipo Stationwagon Lounge 1.3 Multijet 95 hp£1,895​
​Tipo Stationwagon Easy Plus 1.6 120 hp£195
​Tipo Stationwagon Lounge 1.6 110 hp Auto£845
​Tipo Stationwagon Easy Plus 1.6 120hp Auto£2,695
Tipo Stationwagon Lounge 1.6 120hp Auto£2,745
​Tipo Stationwagon Lounge 1.6 120hp ​£1,895
​Tipo Stationwagon Elite 1.6 120hp£1,895​
Tipo Stationwagin 1.6 120hp Auto​£2,745​

For further information on the above offers please contact a member of our sales team at our Maidstone or Ashford dealerships or use our contact form above.

These vehicles are only available through Motability accredited participating Fiat dealerships and are not available in conjunction with any other offer. Advance Payments are correct at time of publishing and are subject to orders being placed between 1st July and 30th September 2018. Terms & Conditions apply. Offer may be varied and withdrawn at any time.