Why Go Electric? Your Vehicles. Your Way. Anywhere. Here at Lipscomb in Canterbury and Maidstone, we’re committed to an electric motoring future – and we’re delighted to present two superb hybrid electric Alfa Romeo models. Now, you can enjoy lower emission driving without sacrificing power. Please read on to learn more…

The benefits of buying an electric Alfa Romeo

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in October 2021, more than 200 world leaders and 5,200-plus global businesses pledged to work towards all-electric motoring by 2040. If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to begin your environmentally friendly motoring journey.

Key benefits include:

  • Hybrid technology means fewer emissions
  • Cheaper running costs
  • Lower Vehicle Excise Duty rates
  • Quicker acceleration
  • Government incentives
Electric motoring explained There are the types of electric motor car Alfa Romeo can offer...

    Plug-in hybrid A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) features a combustion engine, an electric motor and a battery. While not as efficient as an all-electric car, a PHEV is nonetheless much more affordable to run than a regular automobile, and it produces significantly fewer emissions. A PHEV’s battery requires manual charging, and it enables an electric range of up to 42 miles (Tonale PHEV models).
    Hybrid Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) represent a bridge between a plug-in hybrid and a regular car. While they feature a similar powertrain to an PHEV, the motor’s role is merely to assist the combustion engine, facilitating instant torque, for example. HEVs typically offer greater efficiency and produce fewer emissions than their combustion-engined equivalents.

    Electric vehicle FAQs

    If you have any electric-related queries, please take a look at our frequently asked questions below…

    Which is the best hybrid car?


    This will depend on your specific motoring needs and situation – you can rely on us to provide you with impartial advice.

    How does a hybrid car work?


    A hybrid car’s battery and electric motor help to reduce emissions and running costs while delivering instant torque, which means quicker acceleration.

    How long does it take to charge a hybrid car?


    The Tonale Hybrid is self-charging, which means no driver action is required.

    The Tonale Plug-in hybrid can be fully charged in around 2.5 hours with a dedicated 7.4 kW home charger (or public connector)

    How far can a plug-in hybrid go?


    In electric mode, the Tonale PHEV manages up to 42 miles.

    Are electric cars automatic?


    Electric cars are, yes. HEVs and PHEVs vary. For instance, the Tonale is fitted with dual-clutch transmission (HEV models) or automatic transmission (PHEV variants).

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