Alfa Romeo Accident Assistance

Our commitment to providing you with the best possible driving experience doesn’t stop when you car leaves the showroom. An accident in your car can be a stressful event, and the process of getting you back on the road can be complicated. That’s why we want to be sure that any customer of Lipscomb receives the best possible service and advice should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident.

Should your vehicle suffer accident damage, no matter how large or small you will want to ensure that repairs are completed to the highest of standards; which is laid down by the manufacturer. Whatever the time and circumstances of the accident and wherever in the UK you may be, just call and speak to our team of specialists at Lipscomb Accident Assistance on 01622 587125 or0800 803 0964 who will advise on how best to deal with your claim.

What’s more if you are stranded on the roadside or involved with other motorists, Lipscomb Accident Assistance will arrange everything for you including even the other motorists involved in the accident, from recovery of the vehicles at the roadside, to arranging onward transport if required. This includes even handling the repair claim direct with the other insurer, should the accident not be your fault.

Membership of Lipscomb Accident Assistance is Free and can be used by you, your family and friends. For further information please contact a member of our Lipscomb Alfa Romeo Accident Repair team on 01622 587125 or 0800 803 0964, or use our contact form above.