Volvo Pet Pack

The pack consists of the following four accessories which are especially designed to ensure that your pet is safe and secure during car journeys and that your interior is protected from muddy paw prints.

Dog gate 

Prevents the dog from jumping out of the car when the boot lid is open.​  One or two dog compartments can be created in combination with the protective grille and load compartment divider with a gate mounted on the left or right hand side or on both sides. The gate is very easy to open, shut and remove from the car.

Longitudinal divider 

The load compartment divider enables you to separate the load compartment lengthwise and achieve two load compartments in one and is installed together with the protective steel grille.

Protective grille, steel

A practical protective grille that prevents loads or pets from being thrown forward into the passenger compartment in the event of heavy braking or a collision.

Moulded plastic boot mat

The load liner has a friction-enhancing surface that reduces the risk of loads or pets sliding around.

Prices start from £750.00 inc fitting and VAT

For further information, please contact a member of staff at our Ashford, Canterbury or Maidstone dealership or alternatively click here to view our full range of accessories.