Winter Wheel & Tyre Packages - Drive with Confidence this Winter.

Winter tyre & wheel performance isn't just about dealing with snowy conditions. Below 7°C, winter tyres offer more grip and reduce braking distances by up to 10% on wet, and up to 20% on icy roads. During the months between October and April, the average temperature is usually 7°C and below, exactly where winter tyres can help. These tyres would also help the 48% of motorists who have an accident in the winter that is attributed to skidding. Let's stop being the country that's the best at being the worst when it comes to dealing with winter weather!

Winter Wheel & Tyre Packages start from just £1,126.62 inc VAT* at Lipscomb Volvo. Plus purchase any winter wheel packages from either Lipscomb Canterbury or Maidstone and receive a saving of 15%.**

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Discover the Volvo Tyre Hotel

You can choose to store your summer wheels and tyres yourself or for an additional charge of just £150 inc VAT, you can take advantage of our Tyre Hotel. We will store your "spare" set of wheels and tyres and make sure the correct wheels for the season are fitted every 6 months. Giving you the peace of mind knowing that you will always have the right set of tyres for the right season.

For further information, please speak to a member of staff at either our Canterbury or Maidstone dealership.

*Price is based on a Volvo V90/S90 Wheel. **subject to availability.