Used Volvo XC60

The chunky XC60 is Volvo’s answer to the growing want for luxurious crossovers. As a mid-sized SUV, it’s made to be driven every day, whether your adventures are taking you to the school gates, a meeting or a wild national park. Known for its safety credentials, it’s a reliable choice for families, and Volvo has decked it out with a wide range of equipment from strong brakes, to stability controls and a suite of airbags.

With its deep creases, curved edges and bold front profile design, it’s clearly a premium SUV. Inside, the deluxe quality continues with its simple dashboard layout and beautifully curved central console. Sturdy yet supple cushions provide the ultimate comfort for both front and rear passengers. Engine choices tend to range from 2.0-litres to 2.4-litre diesel units, many of which are 4x4s for increased traction and responsiveness on difficult roads and in poor weather.

Volvo has a wide range of optional extras and you’ll often find XC60s in our Approved Used collection that have a rear-view camera, satellite navigation and even screens in the back of the front seats.

We always ensure that only the best Volvos are sold by extensively checking every model for their performance and condition. We will also help keep your choice running as it should with repairs, servicing and MOTs, all carried out by our expert technicians.

Finance options are on offer which can help you budget for the car you crave. Contact the team in Maidstone and Canterbury over the phone or via the enquiry form online to find out more about our plans and any of the used XC60 models.