Volvo Personal Service

Service with a more personal touch

Welcome to Volvo Personal Service. Now more than ever, servicing at Lipscomb isn’t only about your car, it’s about you. So, you’ll get a Personal Service Technician who’ll be there from the moment you book to the moment your Volvo’s returned.

The Personal Service concept is all about improving your experience, making it simple, time efficient and personal to you - getting the job done better, faster and with less inconvenience and disruption to your day.

You can book an exact time to “check in” and get your own Personal Service Technician to manage your service from beginning to end. That way there is a single, familiar point of contact, and there’s one person taking full responsibility to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

In the workshop, your Personal Service Technician works with a team of colleagues – with a system of proven routines and quality checks to speed up the process. Typically, the whole service is completed in half the time, which means, if you wish, you can wait while it’s being done to avoid multiple trips to the business.

We will assign two technicians to your car meaning we’ll always aim to complete your service in half the time. Simple, convenient and reassuring – it’s an experience designed around you.

The pleasure comes in the form of a new luxury Scandinavian-style lounge – the Living Room. With fresh coffee and pastries to enjoy, as well as free Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, it’s an ideal place to relax or work while your car is being serviced in half the usual time.

And once the work is done, your retailer will update your Volvo’s software, wash and vacuum your car and your Personal Service Technician will meet you to hand back the keys and talk through any work that’s been done.

We can now offer a simpler, more convenient, more enjoyable way to service your car. It is servicing with a more personal touch and it’s called, Volvo Personal Service.