Volvo EC40 Fully Electric Meet our first pure electric crossover
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New Volvo EC40 Fully Electric

Designed for convenient family motoring, the new Volvo EC40 Fully Electric makes it possible to have it all. There’s no compromise necessary: power and responsible driving come hand in hand, so you can enjoy responsive performance without unduly impacting the environment.

Streamlined and sleek, the Volvo EC40 was built to be efficient. Flowing lines, gentle curves and an aerodynamic profile don’t just lend it a sophisticated aesthetic – they also ensure minimal air resistance so you can benefit from a smooth, economical drive. This fluid design, combined with the model’s potent battery, results in an impressive range of up to 341 miles. And if you need to fast charge while out and about, you can top up from 10-80% in just 27 minutes.

Step behind the wheel and you’ll discover the EC40 fully electric's agility and power. Thanks to the instant torque delivered by the electric motor, this capable crossover can sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds, and with single-pedal operation, as well as all-wheel drive, each journey is effortless and assured – no matter what the external conditions.

Volvo hasn’t only thought of improving air quality when building the new EC40 Fully Electric. The interior is completely leather free, finished instead with woollen fabrics and wood trim for a premium yet more sustainable ambience. For your convenience, Google services have been installed as standard too. Google Maps is fully integrated, providing intuitive navigation, and Google Assistant delivers hands-free, voice-operated control. Not only can you access the fastest route to your destination, you can also find charging points along the way and receive real-time traffic information.

Of course, Volvo has long been associated with state-of-the-art safety technology, and the new EC40 Fully Electric incorporates all the latest measures to keep you and your family protected. Cameras and sensors help you to detect and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and even large animals, while automatic braking technology provides support if you fail to react in time. Other features include Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keep Assist, and a 360-degree parking aid.

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