How electric and hybrid vehicles benefit company car drivers

We’ve all heard a lot about the advantages to switching from petrol and diesel power to electric. And, with the UK government seeking to cease sales of such models by 2035, we understand that making this change is inevitable. But what does it mean for company car drivers and fleet managers? The motoring landscape has always been different for corporate and commercial motorists, so understanding the impact such a transition will play is of the utmost importance.

So, why go electric?

First and foremost, making the change to electric motoring is essential for future-proofing your business. Electric motoring is the future of motoring, so ensuring that you’re ahead of the game and ready for the switch is key. A fleet of models that rely on electric power will help transform your organisation into one that is more sustainable, with improved running costs and tax savings among other reasons to embrace change.

With Volvo, you have the opportunity to choose from a selection of models that offer plug-in hybrid performance and full electric, with the capability to benefit from better fuel economy and cleaner emissions. In fact, plug-in hybrid editions of every vehicle in the Volvo lineup are available, with the premium quality and executive comfort now complemented by the best in efficiency.

Benefits of going electric

We’ve already touched on a few of the benefits of moving your fleet onto hybrid and electric power, but what exactly can you expect? We at Lipscomb Volvo are delighted to be able to provide you with details on some of the many advantages available:

100% first year allowance: 

Any vehicle producing under 50g/km of CO2 - which includes many Volvo hybrids - is eligible to have its entire cost written off against profits in the first year

Low BiK tax: 

The Volvo hybrid selection provides BiK rates as low as 10%, and pure electric as low as 2%, meaning more economical tax costs.

Rethink your running costs:

With electrified cars, upfront cost isn't everything. In the long run, the Volvo electric and plug-in hybrid can make real savings for your business.The below cost comparison tool will even help you estimate how much - based on your fleet's everyday journeys.


If the thought of going straight from fuel to electric feels daunting, a Volvo hybrid represents the ideal stepping stone, with the reassurance of a petrol engine available. Making the change to electric vehicles represents a fundamental requirement for all modern businesses, so being able to rely on the advice of experts is key. You can liaise with a member of the team at Lipscomb Volvo in Canterbury and Maidstone today to discuss your options.