Free Volvo Windscreen & Tyre Repairs
We are offering free Volvo windscreen & tyre repairs. At the first site of damage, come in and see us.

The smallest thing can make the greatest impact. When a set-back happens, its what we do next that matters. So whether it's a chip in your windscreem or a fall in your tyre pressure, we'll be there for you and your Volvo.

We'll take care of it while you wait.
The expected time to complete the repair before any work is carried out. If for any reason the repair can't be carried our to your time frame, we'll discuss alternative options and solutions with you to help you get back on the rpad as soon as possible. ​

Our mission is to look after you and your car in the best possible way.

We are offering free windscreen repairs which will be carried out by our trained techicians.  This can save you time, the need to contact your insurer and possibly paying an excess. 

Defective or under inflated tyres can adversely affect your car's grip, braking and steering.

The smallest thing can make the greatest impact. So at the first sign of damage, drop in and we'll take care of it while you wait. Exclusive to Volvo drivers.

Why wait to get back on the road?

Wherever you are, we are here waiting to help you and your Volvo.

T&C's Apply.  Volvo vehicles only. Repairs carried our according to Volvo safety standards. Chargeable replacement if available required.​ Terms and Conditions Apply.