Refresh Your Climate Control

The car is a necessity in our hectic lives, but fortunately the air conditioning provides a pleasant environment for driving. However, the air conditioning can be disturbed by:

• Bacteria and other micro-organisms
• Industrial pollution
• Exhaust gases from other cars, lorries, buses and traffic.
• Pollen and nicotine.

When using the car micro-organisms can be absorbed and blown into the car by the air-conditioning system and inhaled by the drive and passengers. The consequence of this contamination can be:

• Irritation to eyes and bronchial tubes
• Unpleasant smells and odours
• Bacterial infections and allergic reactions

However Lipscomb has the answer to these problems. By using the latest ultrasonic vaporisation technology we can ensure the air conditioning is thoroughly cleaned for just £49.99 inc VAT without expensive dismantling.

For further information on this offer please contact a member of our service team at our Canterbury or Maidstone dealerships or use our contact form above.