Fiat Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

As one of the most flexible purchasing schemes currently available for purchasing a new Fiat car, Personal Contract Purchase provides you with the freedom you need to choose the option that best suits you. In fact, the purchase plan enables you to guarantee the future value of your chosen model and pay an agreed monthly payment for a pre-set term. At the end of the contracted term, you will then have the option to return, part-exchange, or keep the vehicle.

As already identified, Personal Contract Purchase gives you the chance to decide what happens at the end of your agreed contract. But how exactly does this scheme work? In essence, you simply need to choose the vehicle you wish to buy, agree an annual mileage, and set the term of your agreement. We’ll detail the guaranteed future value of the car - i.e. the outstanding payment required in order for you to purchase outright. There are, of course, a number of issues to consider, namely the overall mileage you cover in your car. For example, if you exceed the agreed mileage, you will be required to pay an excess mileage charge based on a pence-per-mile basis.

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