What is Motability?

Motorists with a disability have the opportunity to retain their independence through leasing a brand-new Fiat via the government-backed Motability Scheme.

This initiative exchanges eligible mobility allowances for a three-year lease on a quality vehicle, complete with full road tax, motor insurance, breakdown cover and more.

There’s even the option of having selected adaptations made to the model for easier motoring and accessibility, all for no additional charge.

Am I Eligible?

Find out more about the benefits of Motability In order to be eligible for the Motability Scheme, you should have a minimum of 12 months’ award remaining on one of the following benefits:
● Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA)
● Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP)
● War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
● Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
Parents or guardians of children under three who are in receipt of an eligible allowance can also lease a vehicle on their behalf.

More About Motability

Find out more about the Motability Scheme at Lipscomb Fiat

The Motability team at Lipscomb Fiat is one of the very best in Kent, providing you with all the support and advice needed to find the ideal Fiat car for you. You drop in to visit us at any time and liaise with our experts to ensure you’re securing the best deal possible.


You can learn more about the Motability Scheme and Lipscomb Fiat by viewing our frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team now and we’ll be happy to resolve any queries.

What is Motability?


This government initiative enables eligible motorists to exchange their mobility allowance for the lease on a brand-new car from the likes of Fiat.

What is the Motability allowance for over 65?


The Motability Scheme has no upper age limits to impact allowance, so this is the same for those aged over 65 as it is for those under.

What cars are available on Motability?


Fiat models are flexible and capable, with a wide range available across the lineup which are perfect for the Motability Scheme. Speak to our experts to learn more.

How does Motability work?


The Motability Scheme requires your mobility allowance to be paid directly to the dealership in exchange for the lease on a new car from the likes of Fiat.

What car can I get on PIP?


An impressive lineup of Fiat cars can be leased via the Motability Scheme for those in receipt of PIP.

What disability cars can you get?


Liaise with a member of the team at Lipscomb Fiat to find out more about the full range of new Fiat cars available through the scheme.

How do I apply for a Motability car?


Our Motability experts will be able to manage the application process from beginning to end, making it easy and stress free for you to secure the perfect model.

Am I entitled to a Motability car?


As long as you are in receipt of an eligible allowance and have a minimum award length of 12 months, there’s no reason you should not qualify for a model.

How do you apply for Mobility allowance?


The Motability specialists at Lipscomb Fiat will be able to manage the application process on your behalf, making it easy for you to sit back and relax.

What cars can you get on DLA?


You can learn all about the Fiat cars available through the Motability Scheme but liaising with a member of our dedicated team today.

Do I own the car at the end of the lease?


No. However, you will be given the choice of returning the vehicle and taking out a lease on a new car, extending the lease, or returning the car and having your allowance reinstated.

How does Motability insurance work?


Motor insurance covers up to three named drivers and is provided by RSA Motability (RSAM).