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Fiat Topolino

Meet the Topolino, the answer to all your urban and short-range mobility dreams, a spacious two-seater whose tiny exterior ensures genuine urban freedom.

All-new Fiat Topolino

Think of this vehicle as the 500’s younger sibling, not only because it’s captivating and compact but also because the original 500 was colloquially known as the ‘Topolino’, the Italian word for ‘baby mouse’.

Cuteness overload

A beaming-smile fascia comprised of two perfectly round headlights and an expressive grille ensures the Topolino always has its happy face on – and it’s impossible not to fall for its charms.

Freedom of the city

Smaller than the average city car while offering more protection than a motorcycle, the Topolino is your motorised friend about town, a quadricycle that fits into any parking space

Open or closed?

There’s no need to choose a trim level because the Topolino provides everything that’s required. However, you can select an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ body style. The former comes without doors and with a rollable sunroof, allowing you to take full advantage of blue-sky days.

Light and airy

Even if you opt for the ‘closed’ model, a cleverly designed cabin provides a roomy on-road environment, in part due to expansive windows and subtly misaligned seats. What’s more, there’s as much as 63 litres’ worth of stowage space at your disposal.

High efficiency, zero emissions

An all-electric drivetrain ensures that the Topolino is affordable to run and produces no harmful emissions, allowing you to leave carbon-neutral tyre prints.

City car with range

A 5.5 kWh battery gives power to an 8bhp motor, enabling a range of up to 47 miles: more than enough juice to get across town and back again. With a top speed of 28mph, it’s ideal for navigating city traffic.

Customisable car

The Topolino has plenty of personality, but to enhance your model there are several customisation options, including wood-effect door decals on the ‘closed’ variant and stripes for the roof of the Dolcevita model.

Your next steps

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