Balloon Hire Purchasing

If you’re looking to be the proud owner of a charismatic Alfa Romeo, you may wish to explore our financing options which include Balloon Contract Hire.

This solution is ideal for people who want to own the car outright at the end of their finance agreement and want more than just a temporary ‘lease solution.’

How it works

You choose the car you wish to purchase and decide on your agreement term, which is typically between 12 and 48 months. Factors such as your deposit amount and agreement length will determine the size of the balloon payment that will need to be paid at the end of the contract. The balloon payment and any deposit are deducted from the price of the car, making the fixed monthly payments (plus interest) smaller and more manageable. But the total sum must be paid at the end of the deal. It’s not optional.

Balloon Contract Hire agreements make owning an Alfa Romeo more affordable than you may have first thought. And at Lipscomb Alfa Romeo, we create transparent agreements that are easy to understand with no hidden details or terms and conditions. The process is simple and you can choose from a wide range of Alfa Romeo models available at our Kent-based showroom.

Contact our Maidstone team today for more information about our Balloon Contract Hire agreements or any of the other finance packages available.