Fiat Professional Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase at Lipscomb is an easy and straightforward way to pay for your Fiat. You know exactly what you are paying every month and at the end of the agreement you get to keep your car.

How Hire Purchase Works

First you put down a deposit - as a cash payment or from the value of a part-exchange, or both. You then arrange a regular monthly payment amount over a term of between one and five years. Then at the end of the agreement, and providing you have paid all your installments, the car is yours to keep. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Simple Budgeting

If you have built up a deposit to finance part of the cost, this will be reflected in your monthly payments. Your chosen agreement length also affects this. The plan is designed to be a really simple way of spreading the cost of your car.

For further information about Fiat Hire Purchase please contact a member of our sales team at Lipscomb Canterbury or Maidstone or click here on the "Make An Enquiry" button above.