Why Go Electric? If you’re looking to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your business, you might be in search of an eco-friendly vehicle. At Lipscomb Fiat Professional in Canterbury, we represent the Fiat electric range which is designed to minimise emissions without compromising power. Find out more today and enjoy greener road travel.

The Benefits of Buying an Electric Fiat Professional

Electric vans are a good investment, helping to keep your company’s running costs to a minimum. They also release zero emissions, which means you can travel far and wide without any environmental guilt. There are also Low Emission Zone exemptions which are ideal for those who travel in and out of busy cities like London. So why not contact us today to find out more and enjoy a greener on-road experience?

Key benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly travel
  • Lower running costs
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Cheaper road tax
  • Faster acceleration
  • Government incentives

Electric Motoring Explained Fiat Professional has embraced the electric movement.

Pure Electric Pure electric vans deliver zero emissions thanks to the absence of an internal combustion engine. Instead of petrol or diesel, they rely on an electric motor which is powered by a battery pack. Range is impressive, and with quick charging options available at home or on-the-go, you can travel with confidence. All pure electric models need to be plugged into an electric supply.
​Electric Vehicle FAQs

We have answered the questions we see most frequently from customers below.

What is the best hybrid van?


The best hybrid van for you depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Speak to our team today for impartial advice.

How long does it take to charge an electric van?


This depends on the make and model that you own and the type of charging point you’re using. Charging can take anything from 1-12 hours.

How does an electric van work?


An electric van​ uses a battery, which powers an electric motor. This then propels the vehicle. There is no combustion engine, and the van​ must be plugged into an electrical power source to recharge.

Are electric vans automatic?


Electric vehicles only need one gear, so they drive like an automatic van.

How far can an electric van go?


The range of each electric van​ is different, but most modern EVs can cover over 100 miles on a single charge.

Contact Us Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? Explore the Fiat electric range at Lipscomb Fiat Professional in Canterbury today and find out how you can reduce your business’ carbon footprint.