Is Electric right for me?

Thinking of switching to electric power? Find out more about choosing the ideal electric vehicle.

Where is Your Main Charge Point?

One of the biggest considerations for choosing an electric car is having access to a suitable charging point. Those with garages and private driveways will be able to either have a home charging point installed or simply use the connector to charge via a suitable outlet. But for others, there needs to be an accessible option that will help keep your electric vehicle battery topped up for longer.

Steady access to charging. Those with a dedicated charging point at home will always be able to access a suitable source to replenish the battery.
Occasional access to charging. Many places of work now feature dedicated charging solutions for staff to use throughout the day when vehicles would otherwise be idle.
Reliant on public charging A growing network of charging points can be found at petrol and service stations, supermarkets, parking zones and more.

How Far do You Drive Daily?​

Another concern about switching to electric power is being able to ensure the model will offer adequate range so that you never find yourself stranded without power. Of course, you’ll seldom be too far from a suitable charging point, but having the peace of mind is invaluable. As such, it’s recommended that you calculate your average daily mileage, and select a model that comfortably meets this total.

Short Trips. Regular daily commutes to and from work or on the school run will be comfortably accommodated by the overall range of your electric car, with charging required less frequently.
Medium Trips. A weekend away or visit to family may demand a longer journey than normal, so fully charging the battery prior to travel is always advised.
Long Trips. Longer trips - such as a family holiday - should be carefully planned in advance, plotting any suitable points for you to stop and recharge your vehicle’s battery.


Purchasing an electric vehicle comes with many advantages, not least in terms of running costs and keeping your CO2 emissions to a minimum. From fewer maintenance issues to the delivery of instant torque, choosing an electric vehicle provides a host of benefits that will enhance your motoring adventures.

Cost of maintenance Fewer moving components than a traditional engine means fewer mechanical issues and thus more affordable rates of maintenance.
Government's Electric Schemes Government initiatives to increase the uptake in electric vehicles means that grants and discounts may be available to help fund purchases.
Cost of daily use The cost-per-mile of an all-electric vehicle is a fraction of that of a traditional petrol/diesel model, with tax exemption also making it affordable to run.