Fiat Panda An urban dweller, brimming with talent.
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New Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda is as individual as they come, letting substance and practicality dictate design rather than the other way round. This way, a vehicle that not only looks reliable is trustworthy through and through. Instantly recognisable headlights and Panda hub cabs make an instant impression on any road. From the front, the smiling bumper creates a friendly, inviting vehicle. Privacy windows at the back add an extra sense of luxury and privacy so that you can feel at home at all times.

Inside, the homeliness continues. There is plentiful space in the Panda for you, friends, family or shopping. Whatever you need room for, it can help you. Large storage pockets and a tissue holder ensure the Panda has thought of every possible thing. The vehicle’s seats fold and split in so many ways to give you the perfect space every time. The passenger seat even folds down to form a table, what more could you need? These comfortable seats have a fun but comfortable design, perfectly complementing the ethos of the whole car.

As well as comfort, high quality technology also comes as standard. Lavish with surprises, the Fiat Panda offers new contents, like the innovative Uconnect infotainment system, now enhanced by the invaluable Panda Uconnect App with Bluetooth connection. The app lets you use your smartphone as an extension of your car by interacting directly with its Uconnect display to access all infotainment functions. For example, choosing your playlist, consulting the weather in real time or checking your appointments becomes just as easy as driving a Panda.

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