Jeep Business Vehicles

Driven by Adventure

Offering you the freedom to live your life and conduct your business without limits, Lipscomb Jeep is proud to offer Business Contract Hire packages across the entire Jeep range. For over 75 years, the Jeep legacy has been one of dependability across all terrains and cultures. In an era where we are more connected and globally aware than ever before, there has never been a better range of vehicles to take your business wherever it needs to go.

As a Business Contract Hire customer you will be able to take advantage of a long list of exclusive benefits. For example, monthly rentals are calculated on the price of the vehicle without VAT, making them lower. VAT registered customers, meanwhile, can reclaim part of the VAT paid on rentals and all of the VAT on optional maintenance rentals.

Your rentals are eligible to be counted against tax and can be had with a low initial outlay. Optional maintenance packages also help to keep running costs predictable. Plus, with the flexibility to amend your contract term and mileage, you have peace of mind that you will always have dependable transport for you and your business, regardless of whether your circumstances change.

For more information on our Business Contract Hire offers, plans or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our friendly team will be happy to help find the right vehicle and finance package for you and your business.