Jeep Financing

Here at Lipscomb Jeep we offer a range of finance solutions designed to make driving a vehicle from the line up as simple as possible.

So whether you're a business or personal customer, whether you're buying new or used, you're sure to discover a finance deal at Lipscomb that's easy to get along with as your new car.

Options include:

  • Jeep Horizon: Simple and flexible, this solution can be tailored to your requirements. Choose your new car, tell us your annual mileage, deposit and decide how long you’d like your agreement to last (between 20 and 48 months). Then you simply pay a fixed amount per month for the length of the agreement. At the end either pay the final payment, or return the car to Lipscomb.
  • Advance Payment Plan: No monthly payments, just a single, up-front payment followed a choice of three final options at the end of the agreement term. Renew, Retain or Return.
  • Hire Purchase: Choose your car, your term (between 12 and 60 months) and your deposit. We then deduct your deposit from the price of the car, and you make regular payments for the balance plus the agreement interest. At the end of the agreement, the car is yours.
  • Personal Contract Hire: Hassle free driving! A low initial payment and regular rentals, plus you can even include a maintenance package if you wish. At the end of the agreement simply return the vehicle (within agreed mileage and in good condition).
  • Balloon Hire Purchase: A combination of Jeep Horizon and traditional Hire Purchase. A larger ‘balloon’ payment at the end of the agreement keeps your monthly payments lower, but, unlike Jeep Horizon this payment is not optional. At the end of the agreement, the car is yours.
  • Business Contract Hire: A hassle free and efficient way for your business to fund the use of a vehicle without the cost of ownership. An efficient way of funding the use of a car without the cost of ownership.

For further details on the above finance options please contact a member of our sales department at Maidstone or click on the "Make an Enquiry" button above.