Jeep Air Conditioning Service Offer

Bacteria in your vehicle's air conditioning system can be a health hazard and can also cause your vehicle to run inefficiently and create nasty odours.

So why not take advantage of one of our fantastic Air Conditioning Service offers at Lipscomb:

Service One - Antibacterial Cleanse (£29.99) includes:

• Check operation of heater controls
• Check internal blower speeds
• Check pollen filter for condition (if applicable)
• Check evaporator drain
• Check condition and tension of drive belt
• Purging the system of unpleasant odoiurs and bacterial growth using an airborne treatment

Service Two - Full Air Conditioning Service (From £99.99 to £159.99 dependent on age of vehicle) includes:

The service includes all of the above items in the Antibacterial Cleanse plus:
• Check air conditioning system for leaks
• Drain & renew refrigerant gas
• Check temperature of refrigerant gas
• Check cooling fan operation

For further information please contact a member of our servicing and parts team at our Maidstone dealership, or use our contact form above.