About Us - Lipscomb Abarth

Lipscomb Cars Ltd is a privately owned family group business with car dealerships in Canterbury and Maidstone , we have an enviable reputation for delivering first class service to our customers and strive at all times to exceed customer expectations.

Formed in 1996, we offer full dealership facilities at all our locations which each have a Director on site to give leadership and support to our dedicated staff and enable them to make decisions to constantly improve our business.

We have developed strong relationships with our manufacturer partners Volvo and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and empower all our staff to take responsibility for the quality of their work and at the same time show respect for their colleagues working together to make a difference. To succeed we must do better than our competitors and constantly measure our performance against customer expectations.

Our Vision and Values:

Our Vision:

Is to exceed customer expectations in all areas of our business. By creating pleasure in ownership and providing a hassle free experience we will create long term and meaningful relationships.

Our Values:

C – Customer Focus Understand and satisfy the needs of our customers with empathy

A – Aim High Strive to exceed expectations at all times

R – Respect Value people and their time including work colleagues

E – Energy Show passion for our customers and cars every day

Lipscomb – The Car People Who Care