Abarth Servicing Offers

At Lipscomb Abarth, you will find plenty of reasons to come back with your Abarth, whether you’ve bought it from us or not. Our aftersales department provides incomparable service quality to ensure that driving your Abarth will be as exciting and enjoyable an experience as on the first day you got it.

Opt for our convenient Air Conditioning Service and you will have a choice between two services for your aircon system. We also offer Abarth Kits at great prices, allowing you to upgrade your car’s performance with parts such as a Record Monza Exhaust System Kit or the Koni Suspension Kit.

To make budgeting and keeping your car in top shape easier than ever, we offer the Lipscomb Service Plan for new and used vehicles, ensuring your vehicle never misses a vital service interval to help guarantee you get the maximum life out of your vehicle

Contact Lipscomb Abarth in Canterbury or Maidstone today to learn more about our convenient and affordable servicing offers.