Abarth Servicing

Our Abarth aftersales department is a leader in providing unparalleled servicing and repairs to your Abarth car to ensure that ownership of your Abarth is an exciting and enjoyable experience. We understand that servicing your vehicle can be a hassle, however we ensure that our service is as efficient and convenient for you and your car as possible. We know that satisfied customers return to us and are proud of the personal relationships that our business has helped develop.

Our team of Abarth trained service, parts and workshop specialists understand the importance of repairing and servicing your vehicle. At our service centre, it is easier than ever to keep your car in perfect condition – just as faultless as the day you bought it.

For further information on our Abarth service department, don’t hesitate to contact our Maidstone or Canterbury dealership and our team of advisers will be more than happy to help.