Protect your pride and joy with Tracker

Vehicle theft affects thousands of people each year, but the impact is wider than just losing your vehicle - there are both financial and emotional circumstances.

Vehicles ar sometimes 'stolen to order', taken for vehicle parts or simply to resell to unsuspecting buyers. In such an unfortunate event, you want to be sure your tracking system gives you the best chance of getting it back fast.

The "Tracker" range is designed to ensure there is a solution for every situation and we are pleased to be able offer three Tracker products at Lipscomb for your peace of mind.

Battery Powered Retreive

Specially developed to protect unpowered assets, Battery Powered Retrieve has its own power source and does not need to be wired into the electrical system of your vehicle.

Battery Powered Retrieve uses their unique and patented VHF technology and is operated by all UK police forces.

Key Features:

  • Unaffected by GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • Nationwide support from the UK police force
  • Coverage throughout the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg
  • 24/7 monitoring via Secure Operating Centre
  • Meets Thatcham Category S7 standard


Locate is a ground-breaking system with 'jamming' countermeasures providing the ultimate defence against vehicle theft.

Locate combines VHF with GPS and GSM technology making this system far more resillient to this form of attack. Locate offers an easy to use Tracker Touch App to help ensure the security of your vehicle wherever you are.

Key Features:

  • All the features of Battery Powered Retrieve, plus:
  • Meets Thatcham Category S7 standard
  • Europe-wide coverage
  • Access to Tracker Touch app
  • Vehilce battery disconnect alert

S5 Plus

A premium stolen vehicle recovery system that uses driver tags to detect whether a driver is authorised to use a vehicle. If a tag is not present, Tracker will contact the owner.

Compatible with all hybrid and electric vehicles, S5 Plus meets the insurance requirements by operating to the Thatcham Catergory S5 standard.

Key Features:

  • All the features of Locate,plus:
  • Meets Thatcham Category S5 standard
  • Unauthorised driver alerts
  • Driver ID tags

Battery Powered Retreive
Prices shown inc Fitting, Subscripton & VAT

Subscription Detail​RRPLipscomb PriceSaving​
One Year£408​£399£9​
Two Year£518​£499​£19
Three Year£648​£599​£49

Locate Tracker
Prices shown inc Fitting, Subscripton & VAT

Subscription Detail​RRPLipscomb PriceSaving​
One Year£671​£599£72​
Two Year​£831£699£132​
Three Year​£1,011£799​£212

S5 Plus Tracker
Prices shown inc Fitting, Subscripton & VAT

Subscription DetailRRPLipscomb PriceSaving
One Year£937£699£238
Two Year£1,117£799£318
Three Year£1,317£875£442

All Tracker products benefit from:

  • Nationwide support from all UK police forces.
  • Very High Frequency (VHF) Tracking - Military-grade patented technology that allows police to locate a vehicle, even when concealed in metal containers or underground car parks.
  • Covert installation from accredited installers
  • 24hr hour Secure Operating Centre
  • Unique tracking that is not affected by criminals GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • Mainland UK Theft Recovery Service*
  • European coverage **
  • Full 12-month warranty

For further information please speak to a member of our aftersales department at our Canterbury or Maidstone dealership. Alternatively you can complete the "Make an Enquiry" form at the top of this page and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

*Terms and conditions apply. ** Partial or full depending on prduct purchased.