Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)


You will agree an estimated annual mileage and this will be used to determine the Optional Final Payment You agree on the amount of deposit, and this figure combined with the agreement duration and Optional Final Payment will determine the amount of your monthly payment You sign the agreement, pay the deposit and then make the monthly payments At the end of the agreement we’ll write to remind you of the three available options You decide which option is best for you. Your retailer may be able to help if you decide to part exchange the car


  • ✔ A fixed monthly payment, allowing you to budget with confidence
  • ✔ Potentially lower payments than Purchase Plan agreement
  • ✔ Variety of options available at end of the agreement
  • ✔ You can match the length of your agreement with the time you want to keep the vehicle

For further information on Volvo finance please contact a member of our sale steam at our Canterbury or Maidstone dealership.