Volvo Hybrid

The Journey So Far

Volvo has been exploring electric powertrains since the 1970s, experimenting with ways to make motoring greener. Today, its lineup contains four models with hybrid technology available, making the manufacturer one of the market leaders when it comes to eco-friendly driving. The XC90, XC60, V90 and S90 can all be specified with a hybrid powertrain, making them more efficient – and cleaner – than ever before.

Now, Volvo has pledged to take the lead with electrification in the automotive industry. With precision engineering and the latest advances, it’s committed to providing motorists with powerful yet responsible performance, unrivalled convenience and a healthier planet.

What to Expect

Volvo’s future holds more powertrain options, enabling you to enjoy a drive that’s kind to the environment.





The marque’s T8 Plug-in Hybrid powertrain can be specified with a range of body styles.

From this year, every new model will have some level of electrification – from mild hybrid to fully electric – so you can choose how eco-friendly you want your drive to be.

Volvo Car Group aims to have five new fully-electric vehicles in its new car range by 2021.

The manufacturer intends to have over a million electrified cars on the road by 2025.

Something for everyone

Volvo’s unique approach will mean motorists can choose how much electrification their new car has.

Mid Hybrid • No need to plug in, ever
• Electric motor provides instant power
• Gas motor powers most driving activities
• Lower fuel consumption and emissions compared to traditional engines
• Arriving soon.​
Plug-In Hybrid • Plug in or fuel with gasoline
• Uses electric and gasoline power
• Drive modes allow you to control which motor you use
• Hybrid mode combines both for ideal efficiency
• e-AWD provides instant traction in all weather
• Available now​
Battery Electric • Plug in only, no gasoline ever
• Zero emissions
• Competitive range
• Arriving soon.

More Details

-No need to plug in to charge

-Electric motor delivers immediate power

-Fuel engine provides majority of power for everyday driving

-Fuel consumption and emissions are reduced

-Arriving soon

More Details

​-Combines electric and fuel power

-Plug in to charge at public or home charging points

-Select which motor you use with Drive Modes

-Improved fuel economy and reduced emissions

-e-AWD delivers immediate traction in all weathers

-Available now

More Details

-100% electric

-Plug in to charge at public or home charging points

-Zero-emissions and competitive range

-Cost effective to run

-Arriving soon


Please see below some frequently asked questions in regards to the Volvo Hybrid range.

Do hybrid cars save fuel?


By using both a conventional engine and electric motor, the best hybrids achieve significantly better fuel efficiency than their non-hybrid counterparts. They also pollute less and save drivers money through fuel savings.

Hybrid vehicles use unique features such as "Regenerative braking" ​and "power assist​" which also help improve fuel efficiency. 

Are hybrid cars better for the environment?


It does entirely depend on how you drive your hybrid vehicle and also where you source the electricity you need to charge the battery with plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

If you frequently do short journeys using just the battery power and charge it using 100% renewable electricity then yes, your hybrid is much better for the environment than a regular car as you’ll be effectively emitting zero carbon into the atmosphere. 

How long do hybrid batteries last?


Lifespan is typically between 5-10 years.

Hybrids Vs Plug-in Hybrids


A plug-in hybrid uses its electric motor to power all aspects of propulsion. A plug-in vehicle will continue to use the electric motor until battery levels reach a predetermined battery state of charge (SOC). At this SOC level, the vehicle enters into a charge sustaining mode. 

At low speeds a hybrid will usually draw its power from the electric motor. When drivers increase speed they are calling on more power to propel the vehicle forward.  To generate this increased need for power, the hybrid will switch to its internal combustion engine (ICE).

What are the best Volvo hybrid?


There is a great selection of Volvo Hybrid vehicles to choose from, especially the XC90 model. You can find out more about these vehicles below:

XC90 -

XC60 -

V90 -

S90 -

Why choose Volvo Hybrid?

  • Class Leading Performance
  • Only 7 Seat SUV Hybrid Available
  • High Level of Customisation
  • Multiple Models & Variants Available

Can I charge my electric vehicle at home?


Yes, you can do this by installing a charge point at your home using an EVSE supply cable for a 3 pin plug socket, or a home charging point installed where you park your electric car.