Volvo’s digital key to change the way we use our cars​

From 2017, Volvo Cars plans to radically change the way customers access their vehicles. The limitations of the traditional key will become a thing of the past. Using their Bluetooth® enabled mobile and smart phones, Volvo drivers will be able to use and share their cars in more flexible and innovative ways.

An application will be available to download that replaces the physical key with a digital key. This will enable owners to not only access their cars and start the engine remotely, but also allow others to unlock and drive the same vehicle using their mobile phone. For private customers, family members and other trusted drivers can make use of a car within set parameters. For companies, fleet cars can be more easily shared among employees, maximising their use. 

The rental car market will also benefit from this technology. Customers will no longer have to queue at the rental desk. Using their Volvo digital key app, they can locate their rental car via GPS, get in, and drive away.

In 2015, Volvo pioneered a world-first by offering a one-time digital key that would enable the delivery of online shopping directly to a car. Volvo will put this technology to the test again in the spring of 2016 using its car sharing division Sunfleet at Gothenburg Airport in Sweden.

Volvo models will be available with digital keys at Lipscomb dealerships in Ashford, Canterbury and Maidstone as of 2017. Physical keys will continue to be an option if you prefer the traditional approach. Find out more by enquiring with your closest dealership today.