Lipscomb Maidstone launches new service which puts customers in direct conversation with technicians

Lipscomb Maidstone has launched a brand new service which puts customers in direct conversation with the technician who services their car.

Lipscomb Maidstone has been training its technicians to offer the new Volvo Personal Service (VPS); an initiative that saves customers both time and hassle.

A Personal Service Technician is the customer’s single point of contact - they liaise with the customer during booking so that they can pre-pick the right parts and provide a time and price estimate.

As the technician will also carry out the service and explain what has been done, they have complete control of the process.

In the workshop, two technicians work together on each car, reducing the time it takes for the service to be carried out.

The team employs ‘lean thinking’, which involves identifying and removing factors in the process that don’t create value for the customer. It also allows the team to find better ways to perform tasks, and for them to be adopted moving forward.

As VPS reduces wait time, customers are encouraged to stay and enjoy Lipscomb’s lounge area, complete with Scandinavian-designed furniture, free Wi-Fi and Swedish cakes and coffee.

Mark Barnes, General Manager at Lipscomb Maidstone, said: “Our new initiative has allowed us to put the customer first, while giving them a high-quality service.

“Not only has our team benefited from the VPS training, but so have our customers, who now get to speak directly to our technicians, and have a stress-free experience.

“If you are in Maidstone, or the surrounding area, and need your car servicing, feel free to come down and experience the offering for yourself!”