Volvo Polestar Upgrades

Polestar Performance is responsible for tuning and optimising Volvo vehicles to create the highest performance, comfort and efficiency available. In turn, the car will be more agile and fun to drive.

Improved torque and bhp figures will greatly improve your Volvo's drivability, overtaking and towing capability. These upgrades involve careful, calculated tuning that can achieve all of the aforementioned benefits without affecting your warranty, certified fuel consumption, emission values or service intervals. In fact the resale value of your car is most likely to increase which is a great bonus.

Why should I Optimise my Volvo?

To extract higher levels of driving pleasure and performance from your Volvo without compromising its outstanding safety levels.​

Which driving aspects do we focus on?

The new generation of Polestar optimisation target five ​key performance areas: Throttle Response, Gearshift Speed, Gearshift Precision & Gear Hold, Off-Throttle Response and Engine Performance.

Technically, how has this been achieved?

​By applying an holistic approach to the powertrain components and by upgrading both engine and gearbox software.

How do these optimisations improve the driving experience?

The vehicle becomes faster, more precise, more intuitive and more controlled.​

Polestar optimisations- fast fact quide:

Feature Function Benefit
Throttle Response Recalibrated to provide improved feedback and accelerator reaction Improves performance when overtaking or during active driving on challenging roads
Gearshift Speed Shift speed has been increased
  • Reacts more directly to driver input
  • Faster acceleration
Gearshift Precision & Gear Hold
  • Gearshifts are optimised to provide a more precise driving experience
  • Gear-points are calibrated to utilise optimised mid-range performance
  • Gear hold function minimises gear shifts and maintains the same gear (where possible) when cornering with high lateral G-force

Improved control when cornering

Off-Throttle Response Engine and gearbox have been re-calibrated to respond faster when the throttle is released suddenly and then re-applied
  • Improved predictability and control
  • Keeps the car in balance during fast cornering and provides the driver with improved predictability and control
Engine Performance All Drive-E optimisations are engineered to provide greater performance in the mid-range powerband Improves control and performance when overtaking, entering a highway or exiting a corner

Polestar performance upgrades can be installed by our trained technicians and can also be collected same day.

For further information please contact a member of our servicing and parts team at our Canterbury or Maidstone dealerships, or use our contact form above. Alternatively you can visit Polestar Performance Optimisation