Volvo Air Conditioning Service

We all rely on our air conditioning in the car but how often do we think of having it serviced to maintain reliability? Each Lipscomb dealership has invested heavily in equipment to maintain your cars air conditioning system to store and recycle harmful gases and remove moisture from the system which affects performance. This operation is not included in a mechanical service and is a specialist operation fro which our technicians have received specialist training.

Our Air Conditioning Service Includes:

• Full system operational check
• Visual inspection of pipes, hoses and condenser security
• Check condition and tension of AC drive belts
• Check and clean out evaporator drain
• Evacuate gases from system to recycle and clear moisture
• Recharge system to manufacturers specification
• Carry our leak detection test and report
• Record operational internal temperature at mid point cabin area
• Record operational temperature at facial vents centre
• Make recommendation

And remember, use your air conditioning regularly, this will prevent seals hardening and corrosion building up in the system.

For further information please contact a member of our servicing and parts team at our Ashford, Canterbury or Maidstone dealership, or use our contact form above.